Norwegian lundehund & Griffons

(bruxellois, belge, petit brabancon)

Kennel Eriksro

- Owner of the kennelname: Anneli Rosenberg

- The kennelname F.C.I approved 1995

- Lundehund owner since 1998

- Price of Honour  from Norwegian Lundehund Club for my breedingwork

- Griffon owner since 2013

- Member of FKK

- Several studies in the genetics and breeding

- Dogsports: Showing, agility, rally-obedience

My doglife started already as a young child, my first dog I showed was a longhaired collie named "Nicke" but real name Fairlines Unique.

The next purebreed dogs I had was two german shepherd - replaced dogs, they were followed by an english springer spaniel and an irish wolfhound named Jeanlines Bouty Boyanne and that was the reason I got the kennelname, but there were never any wolfie-puppies, nor dachhound puppies after Torpstugans Lina - but instead I found an interesting breed...

The Norwegian lundehund and that was the breed I started my breedingwork with. I had the first litter in 2000 and after that it has been many many more.

As the first finnish breeder I exported back the breed to the origin country Norway.

My foundation bitch Silversound´s Ella-Cinderella is so far the only one who has got the feet award in three different Nordic countries - Finland, Sweden & Norway.

In 2013 a small little griffon brussel came into my life after 6 years of research of a second breed.

In 2018 my first griffon litter entered the world.

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