Norwegian lundehund & Griffons

(bruxellois, belge, petit brabancon)

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Do you want to know more about the breeds, health, puppies or anything else it is just to contact me through this site or by facebook. No question is too small or too stupid.

If you are interested in a puppy, please tell what kind of life you can offer a puppy, your fully contactinformation like adress, phonenumber etc...
The price of a puppy depending on what is necessary for entering your country and can be everything from 1800-2500 euros or more depending on what is necessary for the entryrules. NO puppy moves until they are 10 weeks to Finland and16 weeks to other countries due to I want to give them their first vaccination myself and let them have passports due to that is what I struggle to include in the price (registration in FKK, vaccination of DHPPi & Rabies, passport, vet health declaration)
If possible you are welcome to visit us and your new puppy several times before the puppy are ready to move.

Information about Pawpeds or Pedigree Search, please send information and photos to:


Cadogan Timbaland

Breeder: Niina Jalonen, Finland

"Ragnar" in the FKK-database


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